Autoprint 3D

A unique concept, with a simple goal.

Our service was conceived in order to make 3D Printing less painful for clients while reducing the price and waiting time for their orders.

How it works

Drag and Drop Files Icon

You whether upload a file or choose an object in our Shop.

Choose Setting Icon

You will then have to set the color, the size and the material of the end product.

File Check Icon

Our system will then check your files and the availability of your options.

Printer Printing Product Icon

After you checkout, your products will be dispatched on our machines and will start printing.

Printed Product Icon

After printing, your order will then be cleaned and packaged.

Packed Product Icon

You will then be able to whether pick it up within 12-24 hours or it will be shipped to your address.

Wrench and Gear IconFrom a technical point of view

Our printers are connected to our system via Rasberry Pi’s, these Rasberry Pi’s run node.js Servers with Our website & system is then connected with these Rasberry Pi’s. Depending on what you choose as a client (color, material) different printers are called to print your object.

In addition, we also incorporated an optimisation which helps us guarantee a very cheap price and turn around time. In short, we managed to optimise the printable surface of the printers so that they print as much as they can without the need of being emptied.

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